Sending emails using Yahoo

UPDATE 24/4: Hotmail is also rejecting emails sent from email addresses. Hotmail just happens to be one of the recipient servers that abides by Yahoo’s DMARC policy, and therefore rejects any emails claiming to be from addresses but which aren’t sent from Yahoo’s servers. This is another reason why you should not longer send emails from email addresses in elvanto.

Yahoo has made a recent update that affects anyone trying to send emails through elvanto from a Yahoo email address. We wanted to give a little detail on this and provide a way to overcome this limitation.

Firstly, how does sending emails work in elvanto?

When you log into your Yahoo account, you need to enter a username and password. This authenticates you and shows that you own that email address. This also tells recipients that you control that email address and are not a spammer. When sending emails in elvanto, we are unable to send emails from your (or any) email address using your username and password.

So what’s the issue?

Yahoo has made a change that affects sending emails outside of your Yahoo account.

Within elvanto, if you send from a email address to another email addresses, the email will now bounce.

What should you do if you’re sending from Yahoo addresses?

In short: don’t, for now. The best way to prevent bounces from this change is to stop sending with as the ‘from’ address unless you’re sending directly through Yahoo’s servers. This eliminates the problem since you’re not using a address, and will help ensure your emails can be delivered.

Unfortunately, this change will affect people globally and is not limited to just elvanto users – many cloud websites use the exact same techniques to send emails. At this stage we are unsure why Yahoo has made this change. For those interested, here is a full article explaining everything that has happened in greater detail.

If you have any questions or further concerns about this, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Group reminders, report improvements and adding notes from a mobile device

Ensuring your group leaders submit reports can be tricky business, which is why today we’re happy to be releasing a new Groups update. elvanto now allows you to send reminders to group leaders to assist with ensuring they submit their reports. There’s also a few other tweaks we think you’ll like.

Group reminders

Setting reminders to be sent out to group leaders is simple, as you can now set one or more reminder messages (email or SMS) to be delivered to leaders after their group meets. Leaders will also be sent a link which allows them to quickly submit attendance, write any notes and then move on with their day.

We’ve had reports from customers who have used this functionality before and it helped them boost their leaders reporting by over 90%. That’s powerful!


We’ve also written a support article that outlines how you can get set up straight away.

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Introducing Online Giving

Today we are excited to announce the release of our new Online Giving capabilities within elvanto!

We’ve teamed up with PushPay to bring this to your account and they currently support payments within the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

PushPay have a super clean payment interface and allow for one off payments and recurring payments. They also have iPhone and Android apps making it easy for your church members to give.


To get started, check out our support article that will guide you through the process.

We’d love to hear your feedback on what you think of PushPay and the integration between them and elvanto. We plan to integrate with more providers in the future to bring support for other countries and currencies, so watch this space!


Ben & the team

February Updates

The year is in full swing and we’re working on many user interface improvements and also finishing off some changes we have been chipping away at. We thought we’d give you a quick update.

Online Giving Update

The team have almost finished the development stage of the Online Giving module within elvanto and move into testing very soon.

As we are close to release, we thought we would give more details on our Online Giving system. We have teamed up with PushPay who will be providing the payment gateway facilities and integrating directly into elvanto. They have a great track record and currently service Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

If you’re interested in using Online Giving with elvanto, make sure you contact them and they will give more details on plans and pricing.

Recent Updates

Some updates we’ve released of the past few weeks:

  • New Group Report
    Added a new report called Group Reporting (Detailed) that allows you to print out a more detailed report based on group reporting, allows you to include more information and report on notes added to Custom Statistics.
  • Graphs for Groups
    If you view a group and scroll to the bottom, you will now be able to view a couple of graphs with information on the gender, marital status and age of group members. We’ve also added an overview on the Reporting tab within each group as well. We will be adding more and more graphs over time so stay tuned.
  • Copy Address
    You can now copy your mailing or home address to each other within a person with a click of a button.
  • Map View of Person’s Address
    You can now view a map of a person’s address form their profile.
  • Added Advanced Search to People menu
    You can now access Advanced Search by mousing over People and then View People in the Admin Area. It’s a faster way to access this function with less clicks.
  • Add Date of Birth and Anniversary without a year
    You can now add a Date of Birth and Anniversary without a year.
  • New Languages added
    We have now added English (Canada) and English (United Kingdom) to the list of languages. We’ve also made improvements to the default United States language.

More to come!

Update on email backlog (10th January 2014)

We had an issue today that caused a backlog to occur in our email sending queue. This was very similar to the issue we had over the Christmas/New Years break.

When we rectified the backlog issue, some of the emails were sent out multiple times. The reason for this is if an email fails to send, elvanto will try to send it again at a later time. But because of the backlog, elvanto kept retrying resulting in multiple emails being sent.

We were able to rectify the issue halfway through the backlog sending process so not all customers who sent emails in the last few hours were affected by this.

We take full responsibility for this issue and we sincerely apologise to those affected. This is not the level of service we wish to provide and we will do everything in our power to stop it from happening again.

We have now pinpointed the exact cause of the backlog which we have now fixed. We will be doing some rigorous testing to ensure our fix continues to work. We have also addressed the issue that causes multiple emails to sent when a backlog occurs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send us an email and we would be happy to help in any way we can.

Kind regards,

Ben Sinclair
CEO and Founder of elvanto