Church management software

Managing your church well is extremely important.
We're dedicated to making it easier for you.

Manage your whole database from one place.

elvanto is a church management software which allows you to set up an online environment to manage your database. It’s 100% cloud based, so your database can be accessed from any computer device that has Internet support.

Control what people see.

You have full control over what people can view and have access to. Set up as many Access Permissions as you require, and establish various access levels. These permissions are what allow you to limit what people and fields your different members will see, so you’re in control.

Support for multiple church locations.

Set up multiple locations for your church so that you can easily navigate information. You can assign any sort of information to these locations, including church members.

Send SMS and email messages.

You can send both SMS and email messages to different people and groups, and help keep everyone in the loop. You can also set up templates for commonly used messages.

Custom settings.

We don’t want you to feel confined to the way we do things, so we provide you with the ability to customize. Set up your own default settings, layouts and more with just a few simple clicks.