Ben Sinclair

Hi there! My name is Benjamin Sinclair, but you can call me Ben. I'm the founder of elvanto.

elvanto was founded in early 2010 but was birthed through an idea that had sprouted in 2005 where I created a simple rostering system for my local church.

There were a number of church databases on the market back in 2010, but it was hard to find a church who was totally happy with them. That's where elvanto began its journey. Over the years we have continued to add new features to elvanto in order to make using our software a greater experience.

From small beginnings, our team has continued to grow and thousands of churches around the world now rely on elvanto for their church management software needs. We've helped new church plants get off the ground all the way to churches with thousands in attendance.

From day one we have always had our customers needs at the forefront. New feature requests are made every day and each we take into consideration. Some we implement straight away, others we add to our to-do list for future updates.

Our heart has always been to help those in need, especially those living in 3rd world nations. That is why a portion of every dollar raised through elvanto is given to help aid children in 3rd world nations, build church buildings and support those doing the work of the ministry. Not only are you signing up to the best church database system available, but you are also helping people in need. You can read more about our heart here.

Why the name elvanto? What does it mean? But first, how is it pronounced? el • varn • toe. elvanto doesn't mean anything. It's a name we thought sounded cool. We all need to have a bit of spice in life :)